The Secret Law Of Attraction Explained

In spiritual understanding, the physical world that seem to be real is not actually real world, it is an illusion. If you understand this, it can help you a lot in mastering the Law of Attraction. That is because the Law of Attraction is part of the Universal Laws and studies about it involves the world beyond physical reality.

Our physical reality is only an illusion created by the Mind itself. Our Mind is part of the Universal Mind; through which everything else is created and also connected. Before any material is created, it must first exist in the Mind in form of imagination and visualization. That is the scientific way of describing the Law of Attraction, where the inner world is the Mind and the outer world is the physical world; and the physical world follows the inner world.

To make the Law of Attraction more simple, it can be said in this way: Everything that we manifest or gain, first existed as thought in our mind. As we kept on focusing on it, the psychic energy of the thought form increased and the Universe transformed the energy into physical material or event. The outer world is nothing but the creation of the inner world. In the book version of The Secret, there’s quote from the Emerald Tablet (circa 3000 BC) and it says, “As above, so below. As within, so without.”

You can achieve anything as long as it is possible by just setting your mind on it. The reason is, if it can exist in your imagination, it can exist in the physical world too. As we have known now, everything in the outer world actually comes from the inner world. If you are having it in your inner world, you can have it too in your outer world. If you have it in your outer world but you don’t have it in your inner world, soon or later, the Law of Attraction will take it away from you.

Many of us knows Albert Einstein – A legendary physician. Actually, even Albert Einstein knew about the Secret Law of Attraction. He have taught it through his words and once he have said, “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” What does that mean to you? Albert Einstein is teaching the Law of Attraction! He says through imagination, we can manifest our dream into the physical world.

We all know Buddha too, he have said that “All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” That means everything that we are and everything that we will be or have, we first possessed it in our mind. That is exactly what the modern teaching of the Law of Attraction is all about. The term Law of Attraction is not mentioned by Buddha or Albert Einstein but the discovery of the Law had always been existed ages ago.

The main theme of this article was taken from Buddha’s words, “The mind is everything. What we think we become.” Our mind not only can make things happen, it can also create ideas out of nowhere. Sometimes that is the way the Universe communicates with us. When we want something, there’s always a way to get it and the Universe knows the best.

Know The Law Of Attraction History

The Law of Attraction is the New Thought principle. The origin of the term is not yet known but in 1879, the New York Times became the first newspaper to use the word “Law of Attraction.” The newspaper did not used the term to describe the Law of Attraction that we know today.

The Law of Attraction we know today came from The New Thought Movement that took place in the 19th Century. There are many New Thought writers, one of those that strongly influenced the New Thought Movement is Thomas Troward.

Writings And The Secret

Besides James Allen and Wallace Wattles writings, Thomas Troward’s “Edinburgh Lectures on Mental Science” is one of the inspirational source for “The Secret” production. The Secret is 20th Century way of getting to know the Law of Attraction; it is documentary film that were made by Rhonda Byrne and featured many other modern Law of Attraction teachers.

In 1906, in the book called “Thought Vibration Or The Law of Attraction In The Thought World,” by William Walker Atkinson used the term to explain the Law of Attraction we know today. Next, there was “The Science Of Getting Rich” written by Wallace Wattles. It discusses the Law of Attraction based on Hindu teaching, that God pervades everything and we can manifest that which we focus on. From there, Law of Attraction got simplified into the saying, “What we focus on, expands.”

In 1928, Napoleon Hill released “The Law of Success.” This large book consists of 16 lessons. It was later simplified into another Law of Attraction classic book called “Think And Grow Rich” in 1937. There are reports saying that Henry Ford went furious over Napoleon Hill writings because it reveals the secrets of the Elite Class.

The book, “Think And Grow Rich” became one of the best selling books of all time. There is the 21st Century edition by different author been released. The original version of “Think And Grow Rich” was sold over 60 million copies. The book teaches the reader about the Law of Attraction. Napoleon Hill introduced with clear explanation on the Law of Attraction philosophy. He explained our thoughts possess the energy that can result in manifestation. And so, it is important for us to control our thoughts.

Applying Law Of Attraction Consciously

Many people have known the Law of Attraction. Although called The Secret, it is no longer any secret. However, it is not by knowing it we can reap the benefit, it is in our ability to utilize it. It depends on our faith and belief. If we can make the best use of the Law of Attraction, it can help us bringing our biggest dream into existence. In this article, we will discuss the procedure of using the Secret Law of Attraction.

First, we must know what we want to manifest. Without knowing our desires, we cannot bring it into manifestation. After knowing it in detail and clear, it’s time to ask the Universe. Make a wish but do not dwell on it. If you dwell on it, it will become day dream and that’s not manifestation. It will influence manifestation but most people will end up doubting when day dreaming. We know doubt is not good because it stops our goals from manifesting.

You must write down your goals in present tense. By present, it means right now your desires are already fulfilled. Once you have completed writing, end it with gratitude. It is already been said in The Secret by Bob Proctor.

Next is to start the visualization step. Create imagination, get yourself into it. Through the first person point of view, live your life with your desire manifested. This is the picture that will be made real by the Universal Law of Attraction. However for it to be turned real, you must apply the procedures correctly and not doubt the Universal Law of Attraction.

Proper visualization and imaginations is important thing to be concerned about when using the Law of Attraction consciously. The reason is because the Universe only understands visions and emotions. The Universe does not understand words. However, that does not mean you should not write down your goals. The purpose of writing down goals is to ensure the mind is focused on one thing. As the Law of Attraction claims, you get what you focus upon.

Finally, you must monitor your feelings. Make sure you are always feeling good because it is wrong to feel bad. When you feel bad, you will have negative outlook and doubt the Universal Law of Attraction. That is not good because you must have faith if you want to use the Law of Attraction consciously. If you ever feel bad, think about things that makes your heart cheerful or do something that will make you feel good.

Smart Businesses Use Blog Marketing

Blog marketing is the latest way your business can attract more customers. You can become a subject matter expert while marketing your business at the same time. Blogging has transformed since the time it started as an online diary. People are finally using blog marketing to market their business. Companies, government agencies and individuals are all negotiating their place in the blogosphere.

Blogging is at the hub of modern marketing and social media. Social networking sites like Twitter are taking the blog to a whole new level. Anyone can start a blog and write about anything they want. If you have been thinking about starting your own blog, then you need to get ready to do a little work, because to be successful, you need to be consistent.

Blog Marketing for Beginners

Novice bloggers may cut their teeth on a free blog site, like WordPress or Blogger, only to realize that no one in the world is finding their blog. While some people give up, others persist, and what they find, is that there is more to writing a blog than simply writing. To market a blog successfully you will have to pay attention to search engine optimization, directory listings, link building, and other promotion techniques.

If you are tenacious enough to figure out what has to be done, and then you are energetic enough to do it, you can actually be very successful at marketing with a blog. However, it takes more than simply writing the blog to successfully market with one.

Blog Marketing Pays

If you are an amateur blogger, though, do not be discouraged. Getting all of your friends to read your blog is a great way to start out. Then if your writing is really good, you may expand from there, because friends tell friends about things that they like. This is a great way to build a following. By creating a quality blog, you can start small and build a healthy following.

If you plan to start slow and gradually build up your audience, you can have a lot of fun with your blog. As you are deciding what you want to write about, simply pick a subject that you like. Try to keep it specific. For example, a high speed internet connection is better than dial up. If you like to comment on the news of the day, you may choose political commentary. The topic really does not matter, because if it interests you it interests other people too.

Blogging is no longer the novelty that it started out to be, and no one really cares what you had for breakfast today. So do everyone a favor, and only write if you have something worthwhile to say. If you put a little effort into finding a topic that is interesting, you will eventually build a loyal following of readers.

As you are writing your blog, you do want to incorporate a few SEO techniques. You can easily add tags and keywords, and you will want to submit your site to some indexes and listing directories. If you are just starting out, you may want to jump in with a community of bloggers who read and respond to each other’s blogs. However, at the end of the day, if you want to build a large following, you need to have something interesting to say.

Blog Marketing Hazards

If you are thinking about starting a blog, you should be aware of some of the things that can go wrong. If you choose to expose your personal life, do not assume that you will necessarily stay anonymous. Your identity can be revealed, and you may be causing harm to other people by association or things that you have included in your blog. Lawyers have a field day with this kind of activity, so think before you write.

Blog Marketing Bonuses

However, if you are ready to stand by what you san, you can be wildly successful as a blogger. Used in business, blogging is a valuable tool, and when it is used with social networking for product promotion, the results can be staggering. A blog makes a product personal and it makes the company approachable. It can also add a face to a faceless entity, which makes people comfortable.

Blogs are today’s history being recorded. Blogging is a form of writing that will remain. Blogs are today’s soapbox. If you have something to say, a blog gives you a forum where you can reach literally millions of people, so remember that the next time you are putting together marketing ideas for your product or service. Blog marketing is one of the most effective ways to get your message out to millions.

For a free, no-obligation consultation, contact Anton Pearce by completing the quick-response form at Set aside just 30 minutes and discover how you can use online marketing to get all the clients you need to fill your practice. Anton is an online marketing consultant who specializes in helping health and wellness professionals to market their services online.

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Blog Marketing for the Expert Witness

What is a blog, you ask? Short for “Web Log,” it’s an increasingly popular way to self-publish online. You can actually syndicate your articles, making this a great way for experts to showcase their specialized knowledge.

Think of a blog as a form of an online journal, with frequent postings and observations on items of interest. Most blogs focus on a narrow subject area, which is ideal for experts. Hyperlinks to articles, websites and other blogs make this a very interactive medium that encourages audience participation.

The Pew Internet Study estimates that about 11% of Internet users – translating to 50 million people – are regular blog readers. Technorati, which claims to be the authority on what’s going on in the world of weblogs, tracks almost 42 million blogs.

Lawyers are active bloggers. According to an online survey conducted by late last year, 6.1% of bloggers work in the legal profession. The Litigation Section of the American Bar Association discovered that the majority of section members surveyed read at least one blog regularly and almost 20% publish their own blog.

The best way to understand a blog is to look at a few. The Google Blog has a very simple appearance. By contrast, some blogs in the legal market can be very sophisticated, like E-Discovery Law offered by Preston Gates & Ellis LLP or the ERISA Blog maintained by The Law Office of B. Janell Grenier. Law Professor Blogs offers a rich network of links to law blogs maintained by legal academics.

Three reasons to start a blog

1. Blog software is frequently free or nominally priced

2. Blogs increase your search engine rankings

3. Postings get widespread distribution through syndication

If you like to write and have information to share about your area of expertise, a blog can be a great marketing tool.

Three cautions before you start blogging

Look before you leap into a blog. Launching a professional looking blog requires careful advance planning. Here are some pointers to keep in mind:

1. Create a strategic framework for the type of information you intend to publish

2. Post new content frequently to keep your blog fresh

3. Take advantage of syndication features to maximize the reach of your blog

Basically, make sure you have the time to maintain your blog with high quality and timely information. Just because you get named as an expert on a big case is no excuse to neglect or abandon your blog.

Blog publishing services

Now, let’s say you are interested and want to find out more about launching a blog. One place to start is with your website hosting service. Chances are you can link a blog to your website for a small additional monthly fee. I host with GoDaddy for example, and they offer blog software for as little as $2.99 per month.

Leading blog services include Blogger (owned by Google), TypePad and Moveable Type (both owned by Six Apart Ltd.), and WordPress. LexBlog targets the legal market with a full-service offering that includes strategic design, implementation and training.

Blog features encourage interaction

The beauty of the blog is the way it allows you to organize, archive and syndicate your articles. Here are a few features you should consider:

.Archives A calendar on the front page of your blog can link readers to articles posted on a certain date. You can also organize articles by author or alphabetically.

.Blogrolls Present your readers with a sidebar list of other blogs on related topics that you recommend.

.Email a friend Add a button to your blog for easy emailing.
News Feeds. RSS (“Really Simple Syndication”) is a blog technique that allows you to easily distribute your postings to other blogs. Interested parties can also come to your blog and quickly set up an automatic feed of your news for publication on their site. Read more about feeds at Wikipedia.

.Reader Feedback Allow your readers to comment on your blog postings to maximize audience interest. Some of the techniques used for this purpose include trackbacks, pingbacks or comment moderation.

.Permalinks Give your postings a static URL so that readers can easily share links or revisit a favorite posting.

The Internet is in a constant state of evolution, with blogs being the latest example. Have fun and happy blogging! Write us if you have any questions or comments.

Margaret Grisdela is President of Expert Law Marketing and Legal Expert Connections, specializing in business development in the legal market and expert witness recruitment.

The firm’s “10 Point Marketing Excellence Program” delivers results by arranging speaking engagements, publishing opportunities, PR, online ad campaigns, website development and more for leading experts.

Ms. Grisdela is a board member of the Florida Direct Marketing Association and served as the group’s President in 2005. She is also a Founder and six-year board member of the South Florida Technology Alliance.

Ms. Grisdela writes for, a directory of expert witnesses, forensic consultants, medical experts, litigation support services and legal speakers.

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Real Estate Blogging and Hiring Ghost Writers Considered

Today, blogging is not just for young millennials with nothing to do. Now we have corporate blogging, small business blogging, and even professionals are blogging. Lawyers have blogs, financial planners have blogs, and even real estate people have blogs. The amount of content going up online is absolutely incredible, it is amazing, actually unbelievable the amount of human knowledge, observations, education, and experience out there. Some of it is sheer genius, some of it is junk, and a good much of it shows that people, yes, humans have quite a bit of talent.

Unfortunately, not everyone has talent in writing, even if they are nearly the best in their field, industry sector, or area of endeavor. But just because you are good at something such as selling real estate for instance doesn’t mean you are automatically going to be good at writing about the topic. Perhaps, this is why so many real estate professionals have started hiring ghost writers to create blog posts for them. Nevertheless, this is a sticky situation because someone else is actually writing the blog post, and yet, the real estate professional is holding themselves out to be the expert.

But if they are not writing the information on their blog, claiming it is their own? Isn’t there an issue with ethics and integrity there? Don’t the board of realtors, the state licensing authorities, and the major real estate industry groups care? Some believe it’s just a matter of marketing, and it doesn’t matter, but I say it does. Indeed, I truly believe it is deceptive marketing practice regardless of industry if you hold yourself out to be an expert and you are selling your expertise – and you pretend you wrote something that you did not to the very customer who is hiring you.

Thus, the author of this article, is absolutely correct in his assessment that this sort of activity is deceptive period!

Now then, if the industry group deems this to be acceptable or ethical, that’s up to them, but that still wouldn’t make it right. It is unethical behavior, and it’s not right. There are serious issues here. If this industry doesn’t watch their activities in this regard I GUARANTEE YOU the regulators eventually will. They have with other professionals in other sectors, it’s only a matter of time. Use discretion if you use a ghost writer, and disclose early and often.

If you are a real estate blogger I sure hope you consider all this, and do the right thing. Even though no one is policing this, it’s totally something I think you should think about.

Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank. Lance Winslow believes it’s hard to write 20,000 articles;

Note: All of Lance Winslow’s articles are written by him, not by Automated Software, any Computer Program, or Artificially Intelligent Software. None of his articles are outsourced, PLR Content or written by ghost writers.

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Personal Injury Blog – Vehicle Accident

Aside from just fighting for something that is justifiable, personal injury lawyers also share some of their experiences in their field. One way of sharing it is through blogging. Lawyers have their own way of expressing the happenings in their lives that are memorable. One example of is when the two young ladies were killed when their enterprise rental car after it was crashed and burned. The parents received an award of about $15 million.

The accident happened ranted that car they were using during the accident. The car bumped into a big tree and not knowing that one year before the incident happened, the said car had power steering hose problems. The hose could leak and could result into fire. It was found out that the said car has not been repaired. Aside from that, the car was rented for about three times and the victims were the fourth ones who used it.

It further also states that the enterprise lawyers tried to reveal that the incident was caused by reckless driving of the driver. On the part off the parents, the award was a relief since the compensation has been processed for about five years in which the enterprise company was trying to clean their names on the accident that happened and was trying to insist that they are not liable with what happened. Until the time that the company admitted the accident was caused by their negligence to the problem off the car which is the main factor why the incident happened.

The best angle off the lawsuit was when the enterprise manager said that he was not aware of the technical problem of the car one year before the incident happened. Their principle was to keep their bookings on so that they will know of the updates of the rented cars. If they have shortage with their vehicles, they are forced to release cars that are not so conditioned and needs double check up. Employees of the company are also prone to renting cars that are recalled.

The incident was not the first time in the company. Previous investigation show that the company did not include airbags from the cars they have but they fail to tell that these cars do not have airbags at all before the costumers were renting the said cars.

Lawyers of personal injury are dedicated to victims of wrongful deaths and other injuries committed by workers. The personal injury blog of lawyers who handle personal injuries are free to tell the world of what are their experiences in their source of living.

To know more about Personal Injury [] visit []

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How To Hire A Criminal Lawyer

If you are facing a criminal charge, whether a misdemeanor or felony charge, you need to consult with a qualified criminal attorney. The problem being is that there are so many attorneys to choose from, its hard to make a decision on who you should get to represent you in a criminal trial and by all means you need someone to represent you if you are unfamiliar with the law. There is no jail guide to instruct you how to represent yourself in court so here are several tips on how to hire a criminal lawyer.

Finding A Criminal Attorney – The Beginning

Finding a criminal attorney is relatively easy. Simply open any phone book ad or do a quick search online and you have hundreds to choose from in your area. But, the best way to truly start your search is to first define the crime you have been charged with. You should begin an online search for an attorney who practices in that specific defense.

How Much Do Attorneys Charge

A defense lawyer’s fees will range in price dependent upon the crime you are accused of. If it’s a misdemeanor crime you probably won’t pay as much as you would for a felony crime. The payment amount will also be based on how many charges your lawyer will have to argue. This cost may vary based on your alleged crime and will also increase dependent on the lawyer you choose to represent you. Especially if the attorney is popular and has a large caseload. Keep in mind there should be a considerable price difference between going to trial and also submitting a plea agreement.

Finding A Good Criminal Defense Attorney

Here are some ideas of ways you can find qualified attorneys to represent you in your defense:

You can always ask around to people that have had to use attorneys in the past. As well, if you know attorneys in other areas, have them suggest the right lawyer for your legal defense.
Lawyer organizations, law forums, blogs, lawyer directories and other websites are a great way to ask questions of attorneys and often find a good law firm to represent you.
Go to court – sounds odd, but by going to a criminal hearing you would be able to watch an attorney in action as well ask them about representation possibly in the hallway. You will find that there are a number or attorneys who may be who you are looking for in a lawyer.

Knowing When To Go To Trial and When To Negotiate a Plea Agreement

When trying to find a criminal lawyer for your case, keep in mind the expense of trial and a plea agreement. If you know you are truly guilty and there is a great possibility you will lose your case, you might opt for a plea agreement saving you and your family money.

You need to find a lawyer to keep you out of jail or prison, it would be money well spent.

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